Customer Testimonials

Brett and his staff are very personable, professional, and accommodating. We have  never been pressured into signing up for anything. My daughters are 10 and 12 and enjoy taking the classes and regularly auditioning for visiting agents. They have extremely busy extra curricular activity schedules, which often conflict with each other.
However, Brett has been very flexible about allowing them to make up missed classes.

Our older daughter was signed by a New York agent and has had numerous auditions and call backs. She has appeared on a magazine cover, and had a non speaking movie role. What they are really gaining out of the association with Open Call is; confidence, self esteem, learning how to present themselves, understanding rejection, time management skills, self evaluation, negotiation and organizational skills, increased reading speed and better comprehension so they can quickly analyze and memorize dialog and scripts.  Most recently they have started to be more fashionable and finding their individual sense of style.  They are enjoying expressing their creativity with clothes and different looks.

My husband and I think both our girls are very talented and photogenic. What parent doesn’t? However, we are realistic. Everything in life requires training, exposure, some luck, solid work experience, and hard work on your part to promote/market yourself as well.  Most of all REALISTIC expectations and self knowledge.

We are happy with how Open Call manages their office and what they have to offer. Most importantly, our girls enjoy the classes, like their instructors and the staff.  They are more confident and comfortable performing on stage and presenting themselves in public.  I have recommended Open Call Talent Management to my friends and family.

Karoline Peralta


***** “Open Call Model & Talent has been a great resource for my daughter. Not only are they a great resource for auditions and jobs, but they care, they care a lot. They treat you like a person and go all the way to make you feel like family.”  Donna Gilberto

*****”They taught me everything I know. I now live in LA and OCMT was the start of my career!”  Haley C.

*****”We love the way my daughter is treated here and the care that Safiya shows her. I recommend this business for anyone who wants to find themselves “out in the world for a go see”. S Ramsingh