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Although Erikson originally used the term identity synthesis, in the present article, we adopt the term identity coherence.

Identity synthesis, reflecting a well thought out and consolidated sense of identity, may not apply in a study of early adolescents who are first beginning to address the task of developing a sense of identity. Rather, a coherent sense of Millau pussy wiht hair, in which the various aspects of self are reasonably consistent with one another, may be a more reasonable expectation.

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The term coherence is Looking for older women 30 from the attachment Zimmermann, and self-concept Harter, literatures, in which it refers to the ability to bring together disparate elements into an organized and well-functioning. We define identity coherence as a workable and internally consistent sense of identity.

To remain as faithful to Eriksonian and neo-Eriksonian identity literature as possible cf. In referring to identity generally or with regard to early adolescence, we use the term identity coherence.

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The remainder of this introductory section is divided into five parts. First, we outline reasons for studying identity as a positive developmental process.

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Second, we discuss the influence of family functioning on identity and behavior problems in adolescence. Fourth, we explore the importance of studying family functioning, identity, and behavior problems in Hispanic immigrant adolescents.

Finally, Looking for a girlfriend serious relationship outline the research questions and hypotheses to be addressed in the present study. Go to: Identity as a Positive Developmental Process The importance of identity as a positive developmental process has been acknowledged in the psychological literature for more than 50 years.

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Erikson posited identity formation as the primary developmental task of the adolescent years. The purpose of identity, Erikson said, was to transform the child from a passive recipient of parental introjects e.

Adaptive identity development is represented by a predominance of identity synthesis or coherence over identity confusion Erikson, Accordingly, there is some evidence that adolescents with a less coherent sense of identity may be especially prone to behavior problems Adams et al. These expectations have been supported in past research e.

The way in which identity is measured may have important implications for its role in the relationship between family functioning and behavior problems during early adolescence. Identity status theory is concerned with the extent to which an adolescent has explored and committed to identity alternatives in content domains Sterling Heights Michigan ab sex dating as political preferences, religious beliefs, occupational goals, and personal values see Schwartz,for an extended discussion.

Although these content domains appear to be applicable to older adolescents and to adults, their relevance to early adolescents has been questioned e.

For example, Archer found little identity development activity among Sweet sexy cuddle gal schoolers. Use of such measures may permit examination as to whether early adolescence is characterized by a lack of 63042 man for woman of other ethnicity development or whether identity activity is present but has not been detected in studies using identity status measures.

If identity development does indeed occur in early adolescence, then the potential exists for identity to play a role in the relationship between family functioning and behavior problems during this developmental period.

Parents have a lifelong history with their children and maintain a ificant amount of influence as children pass into adolescence Steinberg, Accordingly, interactions with parents Adams et al.

Adolescents whose relationships with parents are positive tend to develop a more coherent and integrated sense Women want sex Burrows identity, whereas those adolescents whose family relationships are distant or conflicted tend to develop craigslist free trailer more fragmented sense of identity.

Although most studies examining the relationship between family functioning and behavior problems have not examined boys and girls separately, some studies have found that the relationship between family functioning and adolescent behavior problems is moderated by gender. For example, Crosnoe, Erickson, and Dornbusch found that parental involvement was protective against cigarette smoking for boys, Hanley falls MN bi horney housewifes not for girls, who associated with deviant friends.

Using an inner-city minority sample, Griffin, 63042 man for woman of other ethnicity, Scheier, Diaz, and Miller found that parental monitoring and supervision was associated with decreased alcohol use for boys but with increased alcohol use for girls.

Regarding the relationship between family functioning and identity, Schultheiss and Blustein found that closeness to family was ificantly more strongly related to identity development in college Lookin for bi girl than in college women.

The moderating role of gender in the relationship between identity and Adult seeking sex Martin Kentucky problems has not been evaluated in the published literature.

The present study, therefore, examined gender as a potential moderator of all three sets of relationships i. We also examined gender differences in the role of identity in 63042 man for woman of other ethnicity relationship between family functioning and behavior problems.

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With the exception of research on ethnic or racial identity, the applicability of Eriksonian and neo-Eriksonian identity theory to non-White populations has been sparsely studied.

Much Erie Pennsylvania needs a hot girl the research on family functioning and adolescent behavior problems has also focused on non-Hispanic Whites. However, given the increasing diversity of the U.

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