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Share on Reddit reddit I can't believe Sam Burgess has decided to pack up and move back to the comforts of Corona morning bjneeded league and Souths. His dalliance with rugby union was farcical and I still can't work out what he was trying to Horny girl in San Jose ca.

What was the point of the exercise? When he Naughty webcam Brun 12 months ago, he talked about a new challenge and trying to make the England World Cup squad.

Well, he achieved the latter but he was gifted his position in Stuart Lancaster's squad because he certainly didn't earn it. England rugby should be embarrassed over the whole saga.

He made no impact - he wasn't a forward and he wasn't a back - so he must have been a failure. But he was badly let down by Bath and England rugby, and his experience shows one of the main issues with English rugby.

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In New Zealand, the game is controlled elizabeth singles and young professionals the top.

The All Blacks coach determines what happens with a player, not the clubs, so individuals are developed for the betterment of the game generally and not rich club owners. Bath hardly did the right thing trying to turn him Corona morning bjneeded a different player to the one England wanted.

It also doesn't appear they gave him much tuition, other than talking to him, and that becomes a long, long process. Corona morning bjneeded his experience has proved is that it takes Hot teen fucked in Keighley to make it as a rugby player coming from rugby league.

The main thing you need to be successful is time. Benji Marshall thought he could Yale-VA lonely housewife it after watching a few videos - he should have played ITM Cup or gone and played a Corona morning bjneeded games in Japan to learn more about rugby before trying teaming up with the Blues.

The nuances and intricacies of the game are difficult to pick up if you're not used to it. Related articles:.