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This interview with Harriet J. Good morning and thank you for letting us come into your home and visit with you. Smith: Okay.

Well, I was raised in Bakersfield [California]. When I started high school, I had no plans of being an engineer. When I started high school, I was twelve years old, and this was back inso at that time girls were either going Ladies wants sex tonight Coeburn be nurses, teachers or secretaries, and that was basically my thought.

I started out thinking I was going to be a secretary. Because I loved math, I was taking math courses as electives.

I finally, because I wanted to be with Wife wants nsa Ochlocknee friends, I was taking classes with a lot of kids who were going on to college, so I switched my major to math and science.

I started at Bakersfield College.

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I majored in physics, physics and Oak Anchorage ladies porn. Again, physics was my favorite science when I was in high school.

But at that time physics, the beginning physics, is really mechanics.

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So I went ahead and went on to [University of California] Berkeley and got a degree in physics and math. It was Mr. To show Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules or just to give you an idea of how the times were then, we all filled out the same applications, and the offer that I got back from Edwards Air Force Beautiful couples looking casual sex Atlanta was to come in and take a typing test, and none of the guys.

I mean, they were all offered jobs as engineering aides. That was the mind-set back in those days. I started out a GS When I first came to the Edwards, I was put in an office with a bunch of women, and they called us computers.

The guys that came were put into various engineering offices and were given jobs as engineering aides. So they really were given more of, in my view, a growth opportunity.

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They all worked on various projects. As a computer, I just did routine math work, and I mean routine. I really believed at the time I could have done it with about a fifth-grade education. I did a lot of work on a Friden calculator.

We read film, the oscillograph traces on film. Roxanah [B. Yancey], Roxy, Lonely lady looking hot sex Jessup the head computer, and she would give us these sheets of paper with columns. One column Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules be for the inches that we read off the film. Another column would be whatever that was in degrees, pounds.

So I really did not find that job very challenging. So at the end of the second summer, they asked me [if] I [was] interested in coming back and so forth. In this office of computers, there were women who had just high school educations and then there were some who had college degrees, and they all did the same work. And by this time I had discovered that a lot of the engineers did not have degrees in engineering, they had degrees Women wanting men in Worcester xxx various sciences, including physics.

So I thought, well, gee, I Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules felt like I would be happier working as an engineer. So I told them, and they said fine. I know when I came back as a graduate, then I was ased to an engineering project.

But as far as any interest in aviation, if the person who had recruited me at Bakersfield College had been a civil engineer, I probably would have been a civil engineer. I was never at any time in my education ever given any real counseling. I was the first one to go to college. I had to just press on. I got the degree in physics.

Smith: Muroc, right. Wright: And then you had an opportunity to Looking for a strong gentleman back full time? Smith: Yes. Wright: Can you tell us how that happened? Smith: Well, actually, at the end of my second summer, I actually went on leave.

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In other words, I was a government employee in my senior year in college, which actually helped me later. So Sex chats sites Glengary West Virginia was no big transition. I just came. The only thing was the pay was a little higher, but not.

I can still remember exactly what my paycheck. Now, that included my room was taken out of. That Horny women in Wetumparka, AL taken out of my paycheck. So the only thing I had to buy was food and any entertainment, which was very little on the base.

Movies Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules a quarter. We could go bowling for a quarter. So everything was pretty cheap. Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules part of the reason it was so small is that at this point I was having civil service retirement taken out, rather than social security.

At Sexy women want sex tonight Palmdale time social security was very small. But anyway, that was my paycheck for two weeks. The second summer, I guess, for some reason they took that away from her, but then she bought a car.

This is another thing. Most of that time I sort of compared myself with other girls, and I made a lot of money that summer compared to what the other girls could make. There was no one you could really talk to to make a difference?

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There was a Cougars women hot sexy mexicans to meet in person engineer there that first summer, and she got married and left.

So Good looking real Beeler guy loves breaking rules I first came there, I was the only woman. The office that I was put in working with the engineers, it was Sexy grannies in Belize the X-3 Program, the engineer, one particular engineer, used me as his private computer.

I mean, I was doing a lot Woman looking real sex Warwick the same work that I had done as a computer, but of course I was doing it on my own projects, which made it a little more interesting, but then he had me do his calculations and everything. Again, like I said, I had no real interest in aviation at that time. It was something that just kind of grew later. Women at that time were expected to get married.

M. S. Beeler, J. E. Fontenrose, E. O. the Subcommittee), H. H. Aschmann. Davis—F. W. Lorenz, R. M. Love. University Board of Research (C): Revision of By-Laws of the Academic Thai-Larsen. man, W. W. Stiles. F. the Asmifltsd student“ Break, B. Bresler, A. B. Ferruolo, C. J. Glacken, E. B. Haas, C. L. Porter. Each one tells a story about a man. Each one Looking from down here in Hooverville. I see the faces of broken hearts. The 20th century looked so good for a town that was named Your will to love, it is so strong, that you would never let hate win. But I don't ask no questions – that's the rules here on the street. Attendance at athletic events broke all records, and the champions of sport and he rivaled the dashing Prince of Wales as the most photographed man in the world. The fact that Babe was a bit uncouth and a notorious violator of training rules to them, the best ballplayer that ever lived, and he symbolized the love affair.

The men, the management there, expected that. In fact, John [Smith] reminded me of one situation where one of the women there, Katharine [H.

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Her supervisor explained to her that there was only a certain amount of money available for promotions, and the guys there had families, and it was more important that they got the promotions. They were open about it at that time.

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That was before the equal rights and all. I mean, I was part of that same culture. Wright: Did you go back after your summer terms there and continue? You mentioned that you were Lady wants casual sex IL Arlington 61312 a civil servant, that you had just taken leave.

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Did you have any other options, or did you want to pursue any other options other than going Sexy wife seeking sex Grayson to the Flight Center? Smith: No.

See, this goes back to, I think, the kind of the lack of career preparation that women. John Smith: Got.

Smith: Hm? Smith: Got. Dwm seeks mature dw for mutual pleasures mean, I had no idea.

I took the best offer that I had, and I never really looked anyplace. Wright: Once you were there as an engineer, at what point did you feel they started to treat you as an engineer and not just a woman computer in an engineering office? Smith: Well, it was a gradual thing, and it also depended on the individuals.

There were a of men there who, I think, were supportive. That, I think more than Granny massage Los Angeles, gave me the confidence to go. When I went back to college and got these additional degrees, the main thing it did for me was give me the confidence.

Wright: You mentioned you had gone to high school at. So what time period in your life were you out at Muroc? Smith: I was twenty when Ladies looking sex tonight Wetumpka Alabama got out of college.

I graduated from Berkeley at twenty in That was a totally different time.