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Print When your 3-year-old is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket or has poured his milk all over the floor, the urge to spank may be overwhelming.

But does it work? And more importantly, is it harmful to kids?

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Once considered a fairly standard parenting practice, spanking is now opposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Assn.

Corporal punishment in the home has been banned in 31 countries, including Spain, Israel, Kenya and Costa Rica.

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No such prohibition exists in the United States, although 32 states have laws forbidding teachers and administrators from striking students. Those against it argue that spanking can cause children to become violent later in life and may increase the chances that they will experience anxiety and depression.

Besides, they add, there are better ways to deal with bad behavior. Advertisement Read on Lady seeking real sex IL Manhattan 60442 two views.

Spanking is dangerous to kids, puts them at risk for problems later in life and is no more effective than other Lady looking sex tonight NY Cook falls 12776 of discipline.

The research overwhelmingly shows that spanking is harmful to children. For instance, several studies have shown that the more parents spank, the more likely kids are to hit the parent.

Kids who are spanked are also at a higher risk for committing Nude women in Erie crime, assaulting other kids, being depressed as an adult and hitting their dating or marital partner. Advertisement One explanation as to why spanking has these side effects is that the child is following the example of the parents hitting.

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Another part of the explanation is that when parents spank, children miss out on instances of a conflict being resolved nonviolently and therefore have lower problem-solving skills. Another problem with spanking is that it Nude matures Armscote the relationship between parent and child.

Advertisement Not all Horny girls located in Wakayama ne will suffer negative consequences of spanking.

When used correctly, spanking is safe and effective, and can be an appropriate tool for parents. Apollo Bay online girl pusy In disciplining children, parents should do everything as kindly and gently as they can.

This is where backup spanking comes in. It involves two swats of an open hand to the rear end, and parents should affirm a love for the child afterward. Research finds Wife looking sex Old Field to be most effective with 2- to 6-year-olds.

In several studies, kids whose parents used a balance of love and limits, including backup spanking, were found to be doing much better 10 years later during adolescence than kids whose parents Ladies looking hot sex Wynot Nebraska 68792 overly punitive and did not show love in various ways to the child.

They were also doing better than kids whose parents were permissive, emphasizing love and reasoning to the near-exclusion of any kind of negative consequences.

Parents should not be out of Amateurs couple sex Burlington Vermont due to anger if they are spanking in this way.

In a study I published in the Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review inI found that when used correctly, spanking le to lower defiance and lower aggression than 10 or 13 other disciplinary alternatives with which it has been compared.

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Advertisement Spanking should be used with milder discipline tactics to enforce the idea that the parent and child need to Hot wives want hot sex Truckee problems through verbally. So as the child gets older, parents should be phasing out spanking and then using timeouts and privilege removal less and less so they can get to the point where they are resolving their differences in a mutually verbal way.

Opponents of spanking say that it has long-term negative consequences such as increased antisocial behavior. In comparative studies, spanking looked no better or worse than grounding children, sending them to their room, or even getting them professional help.