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I Looking Adult Dating Love in the purest form

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Love in the purest form

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Love in its truest, purest form - Aperture of Light

Pure love does not expect. Pure love does not demand.

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Pure love is natural, gracious and freeing. In pure love I am detached, meaning I am unaffected by the outcome.

Share · Love is patient. We will wait on one another with a patient heart even if we're running late on school mornings. · Love is kind. · Love does. Unconditional Love: Love's Purest Form. Polyamory taught me about love without question or requirement. In the era of slow living and minimalism, why not take advantage of Valentine's Day to rediscover love in its simplest form? Without exuberance.

I let go and accept the person or the situation. Having pure love means to bring others closer to themselves and to their inner truth. Pure love means to keep the highest Platonic mutual massages and vision for every soul.

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Two years and many epiphanies later, I am at a point of peace. It took me going through complete and utter heartbreak to understand what Naughty woman looking casual sex Bethesda felt and what I shared in those two years and eight months.

My love had to make the mistakes and learn. The two years since bridgeport women sex ads been a constant fight. A fight for my love.

Love in the purest form

A fight to never give up no matter what the world says nor what I see. I lived as I felt; and it never led me astray. Eventually I came to realize that my love existed without want. It stood steady without expectations. It took me time to naked women of danmark and understand it.

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The love is at peace. It was Housewives wants hot sex Columbia Illinois peace when there was doubt as to if it was shared or only from my. It accepted that letting go was for his happiness; and it was happy to be able to give him that happiness in whatever way possible.

And I felt the purest form of it last night.

As he shared how happy his family and him are now and how strong their bond has. The Women in Aurora Illinois wanting sex thing I felt was happiness for. In that moment, no amount of importance could I find for what I wanted to ask.

All I felt was love for him and how I would do anything for his happiness. My love would be a selfish lie if I went on and suggested what I had realized in the past few days.

But my love does not demand. It is freeing.

Although the idea of going through life not being Women wants hot sex Coyote to share my love with him breaks my heart, for his happiness, my love does not want.

It does not expect. It is constant.

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It is strong. And it is. Rate this:.