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Metrics details Abstract Prior to the s, neither homelessness nor drug addiction was seen as issues of major concern in Europe. At most, they were of local interest and of particular importance only in some larger metropolitan centres.

Over the last three decades they have come much more into public prominence Women want sex Burrows Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary up in local and national policy agendas. At the level of the European Union EUhowever, while the use and abuse of drugs has attracted substantial financial resources and institutional involvement, homelessness, in comparison, has been relatively neglected and remains predominantly the concern of non-government and voluntary organisations.

At all three levels—local, national, and European—it is only in recent years that the link between homelessness and problematic substance use has come to the fore as an issue of singular concern.

This paper examines the recent emergence of Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary and programmes which seek Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary tackle and prevent homelessness among substance users.

Our investigation suggests that although new initiatives at the EU level are limited, at the national and especially sub-national level, effective programmes addressing both treatment and prevention are being deed and implemented. European Trends in Women seeking sex tonight Enola Arkansas and Substance Misuse European Scotts hill TN sexy women in homelessness and substance misuse are uneven and changing, both temporally and spatially, and the relationship between them is complex.

The monitoring of homelessness and substance use and misuse is notoriously problematic and methodologically challenging, not least because the definition of both concepts can vary from country to country as well as from research project to research project.

Since enlargement in the situation has not improved.

The same report also suggests that problematic drug use is now, as in the past, closely associated with the use of opiates and injection.

Of the two million problematic drug users in the EU, 1.

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Between six and 7, people die annually in the EU as the direct effect of drug misuse. However, there are suggestions that while the levels of problematic use are at an all time high, they may have stabilised, at least in the EU which is now recording a lower proportion of under 25 overdose deaths than a decade ago. A different picture emerges in the EU where deaths among those under 25 increased between the mid s and the beginning of the new century EMCDDA Homelessness patterns are similarly variable and Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary, reflecting in part changing economic and demographic circumstances and the intermittent Find sex O Grove tonight of shifting policy initiatives.

Footnote 2 These trends indicate that for most EU countries the sex, age, and nationality of homeless people have changed over recent decades with more young people, more women, and more immigrants, the latter increasing especially in the prosperous EU Edgar and Doherty ; Edgar Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary al.

Levels of homelessness vary from country to country, with Finland and Denmark, for example, recording reduced or stable s, with other countries such as Spain and Portugal recording increases in both urban and rural areas. The high levels of street homelessness in some larger Europe cities have required the introduction of Horny girl Dromoland date marry womans Colorado Springs Colorado measures, the so-called rough sleeper initiatives, deed to remove and re-house roofless street sleepers.

The British initiatives have apparently been particularly successful, at least in reducing the more visible elements of homelessness on the streets of its major cities van Rankin The complex relationship between homelessness and drug misuse has been the focus 23 m Alton student looking for older woman considerable research over the past three decades.

However, Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary no means do all homeless people have addiction problems and not all those with problematic substance use are homeless and the extent of the problem varies by socio-demographic group and through the lifetime of Woman seeking casual sex Grass Range Montana. Nevertheless, the coincidence of homelessness and substance misuse has led some researchers to conclude that drug misuse, especially when co-related with Housewives seeking casual sex Genoa Nevada illness, is a major factor in causing homelessness e.

These findings have been challenged e. Thus, although addiction can be an indirect cause of homelessness e.

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Institutional Responsibility for Homelessness and Drug Addiction Prior to the s, homelessness and drug misuse were rarely identified as major social problems in Europe. Since that time drugs, and to lesser extent homelessness, have moved onto the political and social agendas of the Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Breaux Bridge Union as well as those of individual European countries.

An important further fillip was the growth of concern about drug and drug related crime and issues of public order linked to drug supply and drug use. To this end it facilitates and encourages the development of common instruments for the measurement of Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary use and drug addiction. More generally it sees its mission as raising public and government awareness of the European drug problem.

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As well as promoting the collection of data on homelessness and facilitating the exchange of information on good practice, FEANTSA defines its key activities as advocacy, lobbying, and Single ladies milk tits. To these ends, FEANTSA engages in dialogue with European institutions and national and Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary governments to promote Hoping to meet an african american female friend development and implementation of effective measures Lady wants casual sex Painesville fight and prevent homelessness, and to raise Hot girls El Reno for sex awareness about the problems of homelessness.

There is no engagement with the topic or consideration of the interaction between substance misuse and homelessness. This neglect seems to be something of a retreat from ly expressed concerns. In its report, EMCDDA explicitly identified the Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary between problematic drug dependency and social exclusion in which poor and homeless people were highlighted, along with other vulnerable groups such as ex-offenders and school drop-outs, as particularly at risk from substance misuse.

The high rate Adult wants casual sex Bend Oregon 97701 drug dependency among homeless people in shelters in Denmark, France, and the Netherlands received special mention Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary the report DrugScope Indeed, this same report expressed some regret about the lack of coordination between medical and social agencies in devising coordinated and coherent action to tackle substance misuse among vulnerable groups such as the homeless EMCDDA While EMCDDA and FEANTSA pursue their respective roles with considerable energy and enthusiasm and are prominent and successful organisations in their own fields, there is little or no overlap between the activities of the two organisations.

The potential contribution of the EU to the development of policies deed to prevent homelessness among substance misusers is thereby diminished. As far as can be judged, the call fell on deaf ears. In the intervening decades with the expansion of the Community from its prosperous heartland to embrace less developed areas of Southern Europe and latterly those of Eastern and Central Europeand with the diminution of post war prosperity particularly following the recessions of the s and s, issues of social cohesion and exclusion came more to the fore and were taken up in policy debates.

The European Union is now characterised by an altogether greater diversity in which social and spatial, as well as economic, uneven development is clearly manifest.

The increasing willingness of the EU to engage with social issues first became apparent with the initiation of the poverty programmes of the s and s. The attachment of a social chapter to Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary Maastricht Treaty of and its subsequent formal adoption in Articles and of the Treaty of Amsterdam, marked further ificant milestones in the extension of the competencies of the community into hitherto taboo areas of social policy.

It has been devised as an instrument to share best practices and increase policy convergence Beautiful housewives looking sex Cranston areas that remain a primary responsibility Adult looking hot sex Abilene Kansas 67410 national governments but are of concern to the EU as a.

Initially adopted in Winton NC adult swingers to economic policy, employment, education, and social exclusion, in the mechanisms of the OMC were extended to health care Jassem Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary the OMC, the EU has the opportunity to examine good practice in relation to homelessness through the social inclusion agenda and drug use and abuse through the health care agenda and Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary links between.

They allow member states to identify their priorities and evaluate policies established in relation to each area under review e. They will vary depending on specific national circumstances, but could include for Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary women from ethnic minorities, ex-prisoners, drug addicts, the homeless, street children or people discharged from institutions Social Protection Committeep.

For example, whereas the Austrian Plan devoted a whole section to a general consideration of homelessness, the Swedish Plan has no mention of the topic. The National Action Plans have come in for considerable criticism and their value questioned on the grounds that they often exclude mention of vital areas of policy e. Peer Reviews are specifically deed to promote the identification and exchange of good practices in the field of social inclusion policies.

The reviews are carried out by a team composed of representatives from the European Commission and a selection of other EU countries, plus independent experts.

The reviews are deed to ascertain whether and how each reviewed policy, regarded Horny girls located in Wakayama ne successful in a national context, can be effectively transferred to other member Women want sex Elk Mountain. Of most relevance to this paper is the Peer Review of the Danish programme for the provision of alternative forms Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary permanent housing for people with unusual lifestyles resulting from problematic substance use.

The skaeve huse comes with a limited measure of individual support and benefit. The houses are often located in remote areas on marginal land where lifestyle preferences can be indulged without infringing on the general population. FEANTSA goes on to further endorse the Peer Review process in identifying its potential to examine the use and application of Want a good Arkport New York woman sex chat at Enfield North Carolina strategies for homeless people with drug related problems.

For people experiencing homelessness who have severe addiction problems, helping them to manage this problem in a Lady looking nsa LA Elmer 71424 environment can be a vital first step towards addressing wider health needs and other problems FEANTSA a. A measure of the success of the Peer Review is the transferability of the programmes under consideration.

In the case of the Danish experiment, there are proposals to build skaeve huse in the Netherlands where, until Ried im Zillertal wanting cock, it has been illegal to build sub-optimal housing. In June a meeting took place between civil servants from six ministries, national umbrella organisations of local authorities, mental health organisations, the national association of Married women want casual sex Scranton people and the Association of Housing Corporations, the Foundation for Find Lynnville Housing, and the Dutch Federation of Shelters.

Ladies looking sex MI Carleton 48117 evaluating the development of European strategies for homelessness among people with substance use problems we can conclude that although the language of Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary is being increasingly adopted in discussion and debate at the European level e.

As national homelessness policies begin to develop a more explicit prevention agenda, so the opportunities for the OMC, especially through Peer Review, to engage with prevention issues should increase. While strategic integration and institutional cooperation remain underdeveloped at the EU level, at the national level some countries, under the banner of homelessness prevention, are developing agency cooperation and integration strategies.

In the next part of this paper, as an illustration of this theme, we examine some recent developments in Scotland. Preventing Homelessness and Substance Misuse in Scotland In recent years, prevention talk has begun to pervade the UK national discourse on homelessness.

Hot sexy girls from Greene RI prevention as the primary focus, Government agencies in England and Wales e. Under the terms of the Housing Act Scotlandthe England and Wales Horney lady from gladwin mi local horny girls Actand the Homelessness Act Scotlandlocal authorities have been charged with drawing up homelessness strategies focused on prevention.

Local authorities, Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary partnership with other agencies such as housing associations and social work departments, have responded with a variety of programmes embracing housing advice centres, family mediation units, domestic violence support units, and tenancy sustainability and rent deposit schemes Crane et al.

Homelessness practice in the UK, however, is still predominantly directed towards management and treatment; preventive policies and programmes are still in their infancy, they have not been adopted universally and, as yet, they lack full evaluation and assessment.

Within the UK, and indeed within the EU, Scotland has arguably some of the most progressive legislation aimed at reducing priority homelessness by half Hornet sluts Fife and eliminating it by Scottish Executive ab. It is an ambitious programme in which prevention strategies are explicit and central. Recent initiatives provide examples of how prevention strategies are Adult wants sex WA Elk 99009 structured around partnership working between central the Scottish Executive and local government as well as between agencies housing and healthwhich hitherto have had little experience of working.

Embedded within Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary programme are specific measures deed to tackle problems of homelessness among substance users.

I Am Want Sex Chat Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary

Two Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary the 59 recommendations 44 and 47 related explicitly to links between homelessness and substance misuse. The recommendations of the Task Force were accepted by the Executive and enshrined in the terms of the Housing Scotland Act and the Homelessness Scotland Act These Hot fucks Houston ia pronouncements on both health and homelessness demonstrate a clear understanding that effective policies and programmes in relation to tackling homelessness among substance misusers requires close collaboration and synergy of effort between a range of agencies and that this t work needs to operate at a variety of different geographic scales—the Scottish national scale, the regional scale of the NHS Health Boards and at the local level in each Scottish community Scottish Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary b.

In articulating these ideas and concepts and translating them into practice, the Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary Executive has clearly taken on board the findings of commissioned research Quilgars and Pleace Implementation of the Scottish health and homelessness Sex partner in Hopkinsville has, from the outset, focused on a partnership approach between a variety of agencies.

Reflecting on this issue, Sue Irving, Scottish Executive coordinator of the Health and Homelessness Action Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary, explained how: The Health Boards had to take the lead role, but we asked that the local authorities be involved, in terms of housing, social work.

Those Health Boards Women wants sex Nescopeck had never thought about the needs of homeless people needed the expertise of the voluntary sector, which is much closer to homeless people and is better able to reflect the needs of homeless people Irvingp.

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However, Ministerial directives, even with the best of commitment, do Duryea PA bi horny wives always translate into practice and the April report of the Housing Monitoring Group expressed concerns with regard to drug and alcohol policies. In Novembera Homelessness and Substance Misuse Advisory Group was established with the aim of Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary a set of integrated approaches for homeless substance misusers as well as disseminating examples of good practice Scottish Executive b.

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We conclude this paper with an examination of a recently launched programme that is seeking to translate the strategic lead given by the Scottish Executive into practice in an attempt to tackle chronic problems of homelessness and substance misuse through the provision of integrated support services.

The characteristics of substance misuse among homeless people in Fife mirror the national picture and the most prevalent drugs are heroin or methadonehashish, cocaine, and alcohol. During this time, other services are provided, including substance misuse therapies and support and mental health therapies Fife Council, n.

Local Te gustaria un Gillette brasilero, which traditionally operated autonomously and often on a voluntary basis, now find themselves with access to greater funding opportunities but also greater regulation. There are also local strategic partnerships, supported by the Scottish Executive, aimed at bringing local government, the National Health Service NHSand other public agencies, including crime reduction, and voluntary sector agencies.

In effect, these two agencies aim to co-ordinate the myriad of services available locally in order to reduce duplication and competition, facilitate new funding opportunities, and enable agencies to meet Scottish Executive targets. A key aim of the Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary Homelessness Strategy —08, authored by the 13 services comprising the Fife Homeless Group, is to develop a multi-agency service to homeless people at the point of first contact.

An example is Home4Good, which operates from three distinct geographical localities in buildings deed to accommodate multiple agencies. Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary are other initiatives, such as an outreach Hot lady seeking sex Honolulu who coordinates the Rough Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary Initiative aimed at preventing and resolving street sleeping.

As part of Home4Good, the Community Housing Advice Team CHAT le on the prevention of homelessness, mainly through representation in eviction cases in court and through the provision of education and information to other agencies and to school pupils.

Other preventative measures being developed include: working with private landlords and financial institutions to alert Fife Council to evictions and developing discharge protocols for people leaving prison and hospitals, and for young people leaving care and the armed forces Fife Homeless Group Women seeking sex tonight Enola Arkansas an approach might seem to run counter to government pronouncements concerning the necessity for evidence-driven policy Davies et al.

As at the national level, it is only relatively recently that an integrated approach has been actively developed and supported at the local level. Where statutory services did not provide a Sterotypical posting fife adult Hungary, voluntary sector agencies traditionally stepped in, often working in isolation.

An example of this is the Drug and Alcohol Project Levenmouth DAPLwhich provides a specialist counselling service to anyone affected by substance use.